Who are we ?

We are a Brazilian company founded and constituted in July 2017 with the objective of Providing Engineering and Tooling Services to the Automotive industry acting in the Project and Manufacture of Tooling through our partners in Asia and Europe as well as Technical Customer Support .

We believe in the strength of teamwork, in the beauty of cultural diversity, that's why we work Globally with a focus on shared responsibility and everyone's involvement during the project.

Present in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo - Brazil and Vendas Novas, Evora Portugal, We have a Dynamic team active in Project Management, Automation, Tooling Services and Engineering for Automotive Industry.

Our main objective is to Interconnect Process, Production, Quality And Development. We offer to our Clients Physical, Human and Technological Resources applied to the Tooling Services  and Automation for the Automotive Industry in General.

We are movement, we are result, We are Applied technology, We are T.S.Tool- Group Ltda.

Why Are We Here ?

To develop automation and robotic solutions and services with flexibility and quality in application according to the needs of the end customer or through our partners offering full support in all phases of the projects.

Our Activity consists of all Interface and Project Planning, as well as all Technical and Human Physical Support required for Activities Related to the Starting Line, Body Closure, Cell Welding, Training, post sales as well as stamped process and Plastic for Automotive Industry. 

Our team is composed of an experienced and highly qualified technical staff in Stamping and Welding Process for the Automotive Automation Industry, having sufficient resources and knowledge in robust processes and technical advantages on the interface of Project. 

Our TechnicalAdvantages  Stamping Field :

Transfert, Progressive and Tandem Tooling Optimization- Hlto Services in the  Extructural Parts and Surface Type Class " A"  as Doors Feenders - Tail Gate - Body Side and Hot Forming, Tool Maintenance, Geometrical Correction, Training, Project  Follow up , Outsourcing and Project Managemment.

Our TechnicalAdvantages Automation Field :

Body Shop - Spot Welding - Arc Welding - Sealer Aplication Roller Hamming - Paint Shop - Vision Systen - Assembly of Line - Development of Process - Robotic Programation Tranning, Outsourcing, Startline, BodyClosure, Change of Line   and Improvement of Cycle.

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